Lecture on Meru Foundation’s research, presented at Arthur Young’s Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, CA, March 1994. Notes distributed at this lecture available at:

From the lecture announcement:

“Stan Tenen, Director of Research for the MERU Foundation, demonstrates how the toroidal process represents a fundamental unity both in physics and personal consciousness, how it can be understood to underlie a wide range of traditional teachings, and how it leads to an elegant, natural and universal alphabet. He demonstrates his discovery of the hand gestures that generate the Hebrew alphabet, and discusses the physical, philosophical, and personal implications of the discovery.”

This DVD expands on The Alphabet in Our Hands, Part 1 (1992) and answers questions from this presentation. It includes discussion of First Hand: Canaanite and Hebrew – How the Names and Shapes of the Hebrew Letters Were Determined, by Stan Tenen published in Vol. 2, No. 4 of the MERU Foundation Newsletter, TORUS.

To download materials distributed at this lecture:


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